Depending on your size, shoes vary in weight. No matter where you lie on the scale, the added weight simply makes your lower body work harder to take each step. In addition, the feeling of walking on sand makes every step more challenging. As per our clinical studies, you exert more energy and burn more calories using U-tone, as opposed to traditional walking, without having to change your routine or habits.

Clinical studies:

CLINICAL STUDIES Confirm that Working out with U-tone takes 2.1–2.7 times more energy to walk or run on sand than hard surfaces. That energy is used to strengthen all the muscles between your feet and back, especially your calves, quadriceps and glutes. See what the folks in the trial had to say:


As you walk, the microbeads adjust inside the sole, making your body naturally respond to a virtual shifting terrain directly under your foot. This unpredictable instability naturally forces your body to adjust its posture and balance. 



Because the microbeads are millimeters away from your feet, you can actually feel them moving right under you. They naturally massage the bottom of your foot, hitting all the pressure points that are traditionally used in reflexology. The bonus is that it feels good.



With U-tone, not only can you add 2 inches to your height as soon as you put them on, the exclusive design also helps with correct posture and balance.